How About Pampering Ourselves Now and Then?

Seriously, it is not a crime to do something nice for yourself. Oh, I don’t mean booking a flight to California to go to a pricey spa for two weeks where you are pampered to the nines; I just mean that it’s actually ok to to be nice to ourselves now and then. Just speaking for myself, I always thought that doing something just for me was wasteful, foolish, too much money, etc. As if I didn’t deserve to have something fun/nice/comforting, etc.

Sometimes, especially when we are under pressure of any kind, we tend to push away the thoughts of doing something nice just for us alone. We think “why should I spend money on myself?” and “oh, I don’t think I need to have (insert nice things here such as a pedicure, hot tub, getting a new hair style and so on) that.”

And yet, aren’t we quick to say to a dear friend or family member “oh, go ahead: get yourself a massage and a pedicure; you deserve it!” Yet, should someone suggest that you get a massage and a pedicure; well, we just pooh-pooh it, don’t we? As if we don’t deserve it. I was always one to be just like that, saying “oh no, I don’t need that.”

Well, surprise, surprise: I was WRONG. There is nothing wrong with doing something nice just for yourself. The Crankee Yankee went to a new spot in the next town over called “Barefoot.” He has some minor foot trouble, and he went there to have a podiatrist take a look at his feet. Luckily, there was nothing terribly wrong, but he did have some pretty funky toenails that even I was afraid to work on. The podiatrist took care of them, and his toenails and feet now look great and he is a lot more comfortable.

He told me that I should really go to Barefoot and have a real pedicure. Seriously, I don’t ever think I have had one since the ’80s. And of course, at my age I too have some pretty funky toenails; the “baby” toenails were pointy and very hard to file down or clip. Not only that, but my feet have turned into the kind of old lady feet that used to scare me when I was young.

So I went to Barefoot—and it was AMAZING! First of all, the people there have seen all kinds of feet and foot issues, so nothing bothers them. If you’ve never treated yourself to a pedicure, you really REALLY should have one—they are beyond wonderful! First of all, you are seated in a chair so comfortable you want to live in it. Then your feet are immersed in warm sudsy water which in itself is absolutely lovely. Then the “foot lady” rubbed each foot with a brush which was a little tickly but overall felt great. Then she worked on the cuticles (which I hadn’t touched for years) and trimmed the nails.

After that, there was a salt rub, more foot soaking and then your feet are dried with a soft towel. Then some lovely-smelling lotion is rubbed into your feet, making them feel as if an angel traded their soft and lovely feet with yours. I swear I could hear my feet sighing with relief and gratitude.

So now: back to the things we should do for ourselves; every now and then it is a GOOD thing to be kind to ourselves. Believe it or not, you are worth it. And if you don’t believe that of yourself, believe me—DO IT.


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