Happy New Year!

For this bright and hopeful 2020, I hope for these things:

  • Less arguing, more understanding
  • Less fighting, more kindness
  • Less anger, more love
  • Less divides, more ageements
  • Less needing to be right, more needing to listen
  • Less acts of violence, more acts of love
  • Less greed, more generosity
  • Less shouting, more listening
  • Less blaming, more accepting
  • Less finger pointing, more embracing
  • Less hurting, more healing
  • Less insulting, more praising

These are not hard things to accomplish; it is in all of us to do these things. This list of hopeful things can be done. I wish and hope for us all to see the good, the kindness, the blessings, the outpouring of love, and hearts everywhere opening with love.

Of course there will always be discord, anger, hatred, worry and fear; that’s just how we humans are wired. But we do have the vision to be better, to be fearless, to be honest in our dealings with others, to be kind, to be generous, and most of all, to acknowledge that we are not perfect, but we are trying.

Happy and healthy New Year to us all!



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