“Do It Now!”

If you were raised like me, you will understand the “do it now” princible. In my home, “do it now” meant just that; stop what you’re doing and do what you’ve been asked to do pronto. I’ll finally admit that it is an efficient way to go; doing it right away means that the chore you dread won’t be hanging over your head for hours, days, weeks…

The good thing about doing it now means that you can relax after getting things done; you can relax because you did it right away. Even when I lived on my own, I was so used to the “do it now” system that my home was clean and tidy all the time.

However, once I married the Crankee Yankee things definitely changed. Don’t get me wrong, the Crankee Yankee is the love of my life. However, he is not a “do it now” guy by any means. The Crankee Yankee has many admirable qualities, such as being loving and kind to our cats (indoor and outdoor), keeping the house up and running, plus he is very good-looking as well. But the “do it now” doesn’t sit with him. At all.

Oh well, things could be worse. What I’ve learned (the hard way) is that not everyone is exactly like us with our exact little plans and how-tos and whatnots. You can be a bully about doing it now, or you can take the soft approach and do it yourself. That way you not only have that smug feeling of accomplishment, and no one gets yelled at.

Trust me: I’ve learned this the hard way. Don’t be the kind of idiot I was; truthfully, even if you end up doing it all yourself, you can still have that smug feeling of accomplishment and no blood was drawn.

If anyone is now feverishly scribbling down New Year’s resolutions, add this to your list: remember that you are you and those around you are not you. Trust me, that one has been on my New Year’s list each and every year!


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