Lazy Christmas Day

The Crankee Yankee and I had a wonderful lazy Christmas day. We exchanged gifts, all the cats got new toys to play with, and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, and some sinfully delicious cinnamon rolls. Our family in Maine are visiting relatives for the next couple of weeks, so we decided to just lie around like happy slugs and spent the morning in our pajamas.

What a wonderful thing it is not to have any “how to’s” or “must do’s” now and then. We were far too lazy to prepare a traditional Christmas dinner, so we went out for Chinese food. Surprisingly, there were lots of folks there who did the exact same thing. It’s fun to shake things up now and then.

Once home we puttered around the house and later on binge-watched a new series on TV we had missed out on before. It was an absolutely wonderful day; no hurry, no worry. Sometimes I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to do what we feel are the “right things.” However, the older I get I feel that it’s perfectly ok to just wing it now and then.

Even the cats picked up on the lazy vibe; after they finished chasing their new toys, some sprawled out on our bed, others stretched out on the couch, and the last one hogged the Crankee Yankee’s recliner. Of course they woke up for lunch, and, as cats do, had some serious grooming, and then settled back in for another nap.

As with many things, Christmas is as Christmas does—ours was a doozy! Hope yours was as well.


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