What Do You Remember Most About Christmas?

When I was in what is now called “middle school,” I was embarrassed about my breasts. I didn’t have enough for a proper bra, but going without some support was even worse. However, my mom, who in my mind, could do anything, found me the right size “junior bra.” Amazingly, it fit well and kept my adolescent boobs from bouncing around.

That Christmas my first gift was a fancily wrapped box with a note in my mother’s handwriting; “How firm a foundation!” (Get it?) Of course, it was a box of several bras; the one I liked best was an orange and white striped one. Now I had all the bras I needed for every day of the week! Trust my mom to make this new “development” both fun and comfortable.

My grandmother was the one who always gave me that one special thing I hungered for; one year, my very own sewing machine. All that year she had taught me how to make simple skirts and dresses on her sewing machine, and I loved it. Another year it was the very fashionable clock necklace. It was on a gold chain, and the little clock actually worked.

One year my dad gave Mom and I skis and ski poles. He was an ski instructor at our local ski slope, and it looked like so much fun. He taught me how to ski, and from then on, I was hooked; I went skiing every chance I could. Mom gave it the good old college try, but she just wasn’t interested. She didn’t like being cold, and she didn’t like how easy it was to go too fast or to fall. But I skiied all I could, and loved it.

I could go on and on about the gifts, the food, the company and so on; but it’s Christmas itself that means so much. It’s about love, kindness, forgiveness, joy and gratitude. Every Christmas Eve we go to Doug’s brother, David, and his wife, Jan, who has been my best friend since we were little girls. We eat and exchange gifts and laugh and talk. It’s a tradition we cherish.

Today is not only a day for presents and great meals; it’s for remembering those who are no longer at our table, and those who are still with us. Merry Christmas!

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