Our Own Monty Python Moment

Yesterday the Crankee Yankee and I went out on what was a gorgeous (but very cold) day to do some Christmas shopping. We talked about who was going to get this or that and so on; usually we make a quick list of everything, but this time we didn’t; we just went with the old ‘we won’t forget anything; we don’t need a list.’ Needless to say, everywhere we went there were crowds of people just like us who wanted to get gifts for everyone; enough of a distraction for us all.

We stopped for lunch at the new pizza spot in Epping, and discussed who was going to get this, that or the other thing. We made a plan for what we wanted to do, and after lunch we went to the different stores to pick out gifts.

Everything went well until we got a little tired, and, to be honest; a bit forgetful. Note: this is why I usually make lists so that I DON’T forget things. However, I neglected to do that as we only had a few people to buy for.

As we finished lunch, the Crankee Yankee said, “ok, we’re going to go to Marshall’s, and then to the grocery store.” Simple, right? No—no, it was not. He said “you stay in the car and stay warm; I’ll come back with the gift card from <insert name of any store here>, and then we’ll go to the grocery store.”

Fine by me: it was freezing, so I turned on the heat in the car. A few minutes later, the Crankee Yankee came back to the car and said, “I SWEAR I thought that you moved the car!” Turns out that there were quite a few cars that looked like ours. Please note that around that time we were getting a little tired.

We looked at each other and said as one: “this is a true Monty Python moment!” If you have ever seen “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” you’ll know what I mean. Once we stopped laughing our heads off, we got our act together and got everything done.

It just goes to show you this: it’s Christmas time; get your act together, put something unique on your car so that you can find it; say reindeer antlers or a Christmas wreath; and make sure you listen to each other. After all, this is also the season of massive confusion and general fooblety (meaning that we often forget what we are doing and where we are doing it).

And always bring a list. Merry Christmas, all!

One thought on “Our Own Monty Python Moment

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    I hope your shopping was wrapped up successfully and you’re enjoying some cozy time!

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