The Reason For the Season

I’ve only met a couple of people who hate Christmas, whom I jokingly call the “bah humbuggers.” Ah well, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Many people have not had good experiences with Christmas, and that’s too bad. I know a few people who lost loved ones on Christmas day, and I can’t imagine how sad that must be.

Whether or not you go to church, Christmas is a beautiful thing. Forget about all the hustle/bustle of shopping and gift wrapping and planning a holiday feast; that’s not only what Christmas is about. It’s more about how we feel about each other; and it’s more about forgiveness and hope. Lastly, it’s about redemption; meaning that whatever we have done or undone can be forgiven. It’s hardest of all to forgive ourselves, but it can be done.

Christmas reminds us of our childhood and how we looked forward to that one magical day. Whether or not we are religious doesn’t matter; the Christmas season affects us all in some way or another. It brings kindness and hope to us and those around us. It makes it easier to forgive each other, and forgive¬†ourselves.

This Christmas is like no other. Each Christmas is something new and something to celebrate. It can be a time of kindness and hope, love and understanding. It’s not all about the presents, the tree, the lights and so on; it truly is more about how we feel about each other. It is a time to remember the past and look forward to the future.

May this Christmas bring you joy in every way.

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