Fighting the Flood

We had a ton of rain the night before last. When I opened the downstairs door that leads out to the area under the back porch, there was at least 18″ of muddy water. Since I always have my rubber boots on, I didn’t get soaked. But what a mess!

As you may know from other posts that the Crankee Yankee and I feed and shelter a couple of outdoor cats. Under the back porch, we have a large area where our freezer is, and there’s plenty of room for shelters, food and water bowls. Usually at least one cat always crawls out of one of the shelters to greet me each morning. I make sure that there is plenty of dry food and fresh water for them; the same with the shelters and food and water in our garage and on our front porch.

So I went back in, and hollered up to the Crankee Yankee, saying “we’ve got a real no-kidding FLOOD out here!” It took literally a few seconds for him to barrel down the stairs and get the pumps working.

Well, it took all day to pump out the water and clean up. Of course, the good side is that the pumps cleared up the water and the outdoor cats we feed each day got more food and clean water in their bowls. The bad side is that this will probably happen again, but as our dear old friend always says, “watchagonnado?”

If anyone knows the very popular Canadian show, “The Red Green Show,” you will know his mantra about being a man: “if you can’t be handsome, be handy.” Lucky me; the Crankee Yankee is both handsome and handy!


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