Wasting Food

I really hate wasting food; I was raised to clean my plate and only take seconds if I was really hungry. To this day, it bothers me when food is wasted. Fortunately, the Crankee Yankee feels the same way. We are both fans of leftovers, and wouldn’t think of tossing anything out of the ‘fridge unless it had “food fur” on it. Both of us were raised in homes where you just didn’t waste anything: sort of like the old Yankee dictum: “waste not, want not;” as in if we don’t waste what we have, we’ll still have it in the future and will not lack for it.

Just yesterday, the Crankee Yankee and I were out doing the shopping, and decided to go out for lunch. We went to one of our favorite seafood restaurants and their special was a crab cake sandwich with cucumbers and fries. It sounded delicious, so we both ordered them.

Our waiter brought our lunch to our table, and, instead of the luscious crab cakes we ordered, we were given grilled salmon sandwiches with cucumbers and fries. Well, they did look delicious, but we really wanted crab cakes. We called the waiter over and he apologized, took the salmon sandwiches back, and put in our original order.

I said to the Crankee Yankee, “you don’t think that they are going to just throw those perfectly good salmon sandwiches away, do you?” We both thought that the wrong sandwiches should end up for the waiter and chef to eat for lunch; why would you throw away two perfectly good and untouched sandwiches?

About fifteen minutes later, our crab cake sandwiches and fries were brought to us. The Crankee Yankee asked if they had thrown away the original sandwiches, and the waiter nodded as if he had done the most noble act a human being could do; the perfectly good sandwiches were indeed thrown away.

While it bothers me no end about wasting food, it could be that this particular restaurant has a policy of not eating “mistakes,” or perhaps there is some rule against eating sandwiches that you did not buy yourself. But sheesh—what an appalling waste of good food!

Ah well, once a Yankee, always a Yankee.


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