The First BIG Snow

Yep, we finally got hit big time here in the Northeast with loads of snow yesterday. And of course, it wasn’t the light fluffy snow either; it was heavy and sticky; we ended up with about a foot and a half of it. The Crankee Yankee fired up my Dad’s old snow blower for the driveway, and I went out back to stomp “roads” for the outdoorsies to walk in so that they could get to the food stations.

It’s my habit that, in the early evening before dark, I go out and top off the outdoorsies’ food bowls, check the water bowls (those “barn bowls” are the best; they have long cords to keep the water from freezing), etc. Knowing that the nights are getting really cold, I always pop a body warmer, or hand warmer under the blankets in the shelters just in case. They last for hours, so if any of our “guests” get caught in the storm, they have food, water and warm beds.

As our vehicles are covered in loads of snow, we decided to walk to a restaurant close by for lunch. That’s when I found out that my old pair of UGG knockoffs were leaking; yuck. Well, that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention. So don’t do what I did; check your boot situation before walking out in the snow. Luckily, I still have my good old un-stylish rubber boots.

As if we didn’t have enough new snow, it snowed again last night. New England is funny that way; we can have “light” winters where there is minimal snow; then again we can have tons of it. Personally I like living in a place where there are four seasons; even the winter season.

But as a savvy 90 year old-plus woman I know always says, “watchagonnado?” I say go with it, bundle up and make a snowman—or two. Then slog back into the house and have a nice mug of hot chocolate.

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