Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all—

Whether you’re with family or none at all;

Think of what we have, not what we have not—

Be thankful for all the friends and family we’ve got.

They may be here or looking down from above;

In any case, they bring us memories and love.

Pass the turkey and the gravy, too–

And don’t forget who made this feast for you.

Families and friends together, whether present or not

Are still in our hearts, minds and souls–be thankful for what we’ve got.

Put aside politics, griping and all such whining—

Just laugh, talk and eat til your plates are shining!

The best Thanksgiving is here at last,

So make it a good one before it’s past—

Be joyous, be grateful, and most of all, be present!

Enjoy the repast, whether turkey, chicken or pheasant.

It’s the start to our holiday season

So let’s be joyous and grateful beyond all reason!

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