Dipping My Toe in Book Promotions

Way back when my mother and I wrote a delightful rhyming book called “Shopping at the Ani-Mall,” Mom took care of contacting book stores to promote our book. It was published by Windswept House (sadly now defunct) and all illustrations were from Pam Devito.

Now that I have my own children’s book out; “Lulu’s Book of Children’s Stories,” it’s up to me promote it. My wonderful publishers; Steve and Marilynn Carter of MAAT Publishing, sent me a long list of book stores to contact. All of them know about MAAT and have other books in their shops published by MAAT. Also many book stores have had events and book signings and readings as well.

So—there I was, Mom-less, and on my own. So, in my own way, I sort of “channelled” Mom to get started. I could almost hear her saying, “oh, c’mon; you can do this! It’s not that hard; just call and set up a time. If they don’t want to take your book, so what? Move on to the next one!”

It took me some time to write a simple preamble that I could use on the phone; introducing myself and my book and mentioning my publishers. I called one bookstore and we set a date for this coming Saturday. I emailed another one (as my publishers told me that they prefer that rather than calling), and haven’t heard back yet. BUT–it’s a start!

I’ve decided to call two bookstores each day (not Thanksgiving, of course) to set up times to come by with my books. As Christmas is coming, I would love to know that my book will land in some kids’ stockings. Perhaps the kids are already readers; perhaps they are just starting to read. Or best of all, perhaps it will it be a book that parents can read to their children to settle them down for sleep.

Having grown up with books myself, my hope is to get kids interested in reading, or just love being read to by parents. I realize that hundreds and thousands of people read online, and that’s just fine. But having been surrounded by books at an early age, I still love the feel and smell of a real book; the kind you hold in your hands, savoring each page.

By the way, should YOU be interested in buying my book, you can contact me at g_woman_j@yahoo.com, or follow me on Facebook at Jane Bullock Fraser.



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