I Live to Laundry!

There’s something satisfying about doing the laundry. Clean sheets on the bed, clean clothes, clean socks, clean towels, and so on; I love to do the laundry. Over the years it has become a labor of love; who wouldn’t be happy to see their clothes and towels clean and fresh?

Let’s face it, there are many chores that are off-putting, time-consuming and just a pain in the hinder. But laundry? It’s a pure pleasure to pull out all those newly washed and dried clothes and towels (shoot, I even throw the bath mat in there sometimes); all ready to be folded up and put away.

Now, there’s really nothing all that glamorous in doing the laundry; for me, it’s just the satisfaction of making our home nicer by having fresh towels and clothing. Sometimes I even put the cats’ blankets and towels in the laundry and then the dryer. After that, they all look at me as if to say “why did you have to monkey with my bedding? It smelled just the way I like it!”

Well, too bad—to a human nose, they stink, so the cat blankets and towels get washed and dried just like our human clothing and bedding. In any case, it’s just one of those satisfying chores. Vaccuming is not satisfying, nor is cleaning out the litter boxes, but they all have to get done. (Luckily, the Crankee Yankee takes care of those, and I take care of the garbage and do the wash. Win-win!)

I remember when I was a little girl, spending the night at my grandparents’ house. Saturday was wash day, and my grandmother, whom we all called “Ba,” would throw the dirty clothes and towels into the old-fashioned washing machine. My grandfather’s work clothes were washed separately in the soap stone sink in hot water and soap. Once everything was clean, the clothes went through the wringer (to squeeze out as much water as possible).

Each time she did this, she always warned me not to put my hand in the wringer, or it would “eat you up!” Believe me, I never went near it.

When everything was clean and most of the water was squeezed out, then the real “fun” began. Ba and I would lug the heavy laundry out to the back yard to the clothesline and hang them up to dry. In the spring, summer and fall, this worked fine. However, in the winter, it was a real challenge. The cold and wind would have twisted up most of clothes into weird shapes. They would be lugged into the kitchen to warm up so that they would be put away.

Back then, laundry day was a full day, and you’d be exhausted by evening. How lucky are we today that we can just throw our dirty clothes into a washer and then a dryer! When I do the laundry these days, I remember how poor Ba worked so hard to keep everyone’s clothing and bedding clean and fresh. And who knows; perhaps in a few more years there may be “house robots” who will do all that for us.

Speaking just for me, I’d rather do the laundry myself than have a robot in the house (who would probably tattle on me to the robot overlords). For the time being, I’ll stick with my regular laundry routine, sans robot, thank you very much!


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