Things That People Won’t Thank You For

I’ll admit it; I’m a rank and file grammar and spelling nazi. I was an English major in college and have been a grammar and spelling nit-picker ever since. Trust me, most people do not like to be corrected by a smarty-pants know-it-all. I wince inside when I hear the misuse of grammer and spelling and so on; but I’ve learned to keep it to myself. Which means that at any given time I will be shouting inside and dreaming of whapping the grammar/spelling offender with a wet codfish to the face.

Then there are those oh-so-helpful people who want to correct every single thing you do. The worst are the ones who, in the passenger side of your vehicle, try to tell you how to drive. The very worst is when you are going to make a turn, and you sensibly wait for other cars to go by before taking a chance of an accident if you try to go before them. That’s when your passenger decides that you need to risk life and limb by tearing through the turn, yelling “go, go GO!!” Seriously, not helpful, and certainly not appreciated, as well as being damned dangerous.

And how about those folks who think that you would be a better friend if you acted, talked, and thought the same way they act, talk and think. As a rule, most people do not enjoy being talked down to or interrupted (and don’t get me started on interrupters!) Then there are those people who always claim that they are right about everything. They will talk over you, and they insist on winning every argument. As annoying as this can be, it is easier to just nod your head and say “m-hmm.” They may eventually stop talking, but it’s rare when they do.

So, having been a know-it-all and grammer and spelling nazi for years, as of this post, I’m officially done. Let the young ones say “like” every two seconds; I don’t care anymore. Oh, trust me, I’ll be steaming inside, but I’ll just simmer and curl up with my Strunk and White.




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