The Aftermath of KidCon

Since I’ve been talking up KidCon (held in Portland, ME) for the last couple of posts, it’s only fair to let you know how it all went yesterday.

The Crankee Yankee obligingly hauled my box of my children’s books, “Lulu’s Book of Children’s Stories” into the venue at the Doubletree in Portland, ME. As soon as we walked in, looking for our table, we noticed that the place was full of cosplayers (folks who dress up as their favorite TV and movie icons, such as Spiderman, Doctor Who, Ghost Busters, Teenage Ninja Turtles, the Penguin, and many more).

When we got to our table, we also noted that most of the venders were selling merchandise for the above cosplayers. There were maybe five folks selling books. Right away I thought, ‘well, this doesn’t look too promising, but I’ll give it a whirl.’

Well—we sat there for five hours, and the only interest for my book was the fact that all the young kids were given a scavenger hunt paper; they were to find all the vendors and get them to sign their paper. If they got to all the vendors and completed the hunt, they got a prize. I must have signed dozens of the darn things. (What I really wanted to say to the kids was this: “buy my book and I’ll sign your paper!”)

So, a few hours later, we packed it in and left KidCon to the cosplayers. No harm done, and a good lesson learned: you want to sell books, sell ’em at a book store, not a comic con! Next, I’m going to be chatting up book stores where they don’t wear costumes…

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