Watch Your Purse and Yourself!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been shopping at the grocery store and have seen women leave their open purses sitting in their carts. Their wallet is often in full view, not to mention car keys and often an expensive cell phone. Worse of all, the women walk away from their cart to pick up an item. Anyone watching and waiting could snatch that purse or wallet in seconds and be gone before the owner came back. It’s a lot safer to just take the cart where you need to go while hanging onto your purse: put it close to the handle of the cart, so you can hang on to the purse strap. If you keep a wallet in your back pocket, be aware of anyone behind you. You may want to put that wallet in a front or side pocket where you can feel it.

These days we need to keep our eyes open. I don’t wish to be a harbinger of doom, but leaving an unattended purse in your cart is asking for trouble. True, nothing bad may happen, but it COULD happen. It’s the old “I turned away just for a second, and my purse was GONE.” These days especially we need to be aware of where we are and what we are doing.

I truly don’t wish to be an alarmist, but this is one of those common sense things; like it or not, there are people who watch for others who leave their purses and wallets unattended. It’s a very small inconvenience to hang on to the purse strap as you are pushing your cart. Or you can just put the purse over your shoulder, making sure that the zipper-side is toward you. This way you are constantly aware of where your purse is.

Then there are backpacks; generally they zip in the back, and you would never feel someone unzipping it and taking something out of it. However, there are backpacks where the zipper is facing your back; this way no one can get into it. I realize that this all sounds as if I don’t trust anyone; well—you’re right: I don’t. My motto is “be prepared, not scared.” I do my best not to give a possible thief an easy way to steal from me.

Another thing: make it a habit to lock your car doors when you go shopping. Even if you are only going in for a few minutes, that’s all it takes for someone to take your car. Also, when you stop to get gas, always lock your doors. It’s very easy for someone to open your side door and grab your purse or wallet. Again, this sounds very alarmist, but if you make it a habit to lock up, you should be in good shape.

Here’s another thing to be aware of these days as well. Sadly, there are many instances of shooters storming into stores, churches, schools, hospitals, etc., bent on killing or hurting people. Instead of being scared about things like this that might happen, we can be prepared and here’s how: whenever you go into a building of any kind, look around for a place to hide should something happen:

  • Take a good look around you and watch the people around you. You don’t have to act like a vigilante; just be aware. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts and get out.
  • Keep your phone where you can easily get to it. Should trouble break out, call the police, and hide as best you can.
  • If you have children with you, keep calm and get them and yourself to safety.
  • If you can, call the police.

Ok, all of this is no fun to read at all, but by being aware, you can avoid trouble or worse. As my dad used to say, “be aware.”





One thought on “Watch Your Purse and Yourself!

  1. Alison Jolda says:

    I’d like to add to this that we always need to know the way out. It is so easy to get “lost’ in a big store….Target, Walmart, Home Depot, the mall….any large place. Always know which way you are facing and how you can get out, other than the way you came in. Sad, but we need to know this.

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