Fleeing From the Fleas!

Our six cats (yep—count ’em; SIX) are all indoor cats. That said, they are not immune to getting fleas. How is this possible? Well, while they don’t go outside, we do. It’s either me going out in the mornings and evenings to feed and water the strays, or the Crankee Yankee working the in back yard.

We learned the hard way to get some flea spray and spray our pant legs going out and coming in. We had an incident with our big boy, Tinker,about 48 hours ago. I saw him vomit and it wasn’t just a little spit-up; it was full-fledged vomit. Not only that, but he was having a hard time breathing. So the Crankee Yankee and I put him in his carrier and took him to our emergency vet hospital.

It turned out that not only did he have fleas, but also tape worms! The poor guy was sick and scared, and thankfully the wonderful people there got him back on his feet. As of yesterday, he still didn’t want to eat, but he should get back to his old self soon. He was given some meds that greatly helped him as well.

Here’s the thing: fleas are still around when the weather starts to turn cold; they can even hang around after the first frost. Don’t make the same mistake that we did; if you are going outside in bushy areas or tall grass, get yourself some flea spray (the one we got was pleasant-smelling, too!) and spray your legs and feet. When you get back in the house, wash those clothes in hot water and soap.

Always check your living areas and spray rugs and padded furniture just in case. Even cat toys should be washed in hot water or thrown away if you even think that there might be fleas on them. Fleas can give your pet a very bad time, and you don’t want that to happen. Emergency animal hospitals can be quite expensive, so be prepared. But your beloved pets are worth it.

One thought on “Fleeing From the Fleas!

  1. Alison Jolda says:

    Oh no! Poor Tinker and poor you!

    Hope everyone is fine and that the rest of your babies don’t get the flees.

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