The Many Chambers of a Marriage

Marriage is a lot like a nautilus shell; it has many chambers in it.

Nautilus, Cephalopods, Sea, VacationsThe creature who lives in the nautilus shell has their own reason for making those chambers; all of them reminds me of marriage.

Starting at the very first “chamber,” we are attracted to the one we love. As time goes on, we make more and more chambers. Imagine that the first chamber is love. From that first tiny chamber, more chambers grow for other things; kindness, tolerance, understanding, friendship, family, love, sacrifice, joy, sorrow, and more.

While some of the chambers are filled with love and acceptance; some are filled with anger, doubt, worry, fear, irritation; and the chambers go on. We may start our marriage in great love, forbearance, understanding, loyalty, joy and happiness. However, as time goes on, we may see flaws in the other person, and accept that we too have our own flaws.

In another chamber may be the sacrifices that are made; sometimes we sacrifice gladly, and sometimes we are selfish and do not want to sacrifice. We and the nautilus have our own chambers; either good and healing or bad and disruptive. While there are many wonderful, blissful chambers of marriage, there can also be resentment and hurt in some of our chambers.

But look again at the nautilus—that very last chamber is wide open. It gives us an opportunity to speak up, make positive changes and honor our marriage. If everything in this last and large chamber means that we can use it to flush out any anger, fear, doubt, worry and so on.

In any marriage, there is always the chance that we may go our separate ways at any time. However, we can learn to be wise with our chambers and keep them useful, not destructive. We can choose to stay in the unlovely chambers of resentment, anger and fear, or we can keep our chambers clean and viable.


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