When the Universe Trips Us Up

Ever had a day when everything you planned to do either didn’t work out or turned into a pain in the butt? My feeling is that this happens when we start to go off course; maybe even into dangerous courses. Sometimes the universe is telling us something; perhaps just a “don’t go there” message. I can’t count how many times something I planned to do has gone sideways. After years of being frustrated about it, I finally learned that there is a reason that things go all flooby for a reason we cannot see in the moment. 

Often I’ll be driving somewhere and for no real reason I take a different route. Later on I will find out that there was a major accident or that there was a fun run on the road I didn’t know about that would have set me back for hours. Then again the universe can reward you for no special reason. I once was walking somewhere and decided to take another route than my usual one. As I walked along, I could see something flapping in the wind ahead of me. It turned out that it was a $20 bill!

When my mother was dying of metastatic breast cancer, I would drive up to Wolfeboro where Mom and Dad lived as often as I could. Some days I would stay overnight to help out. Weeks later, the Crankee Yankee and I were driving up there and I got a call from Dad; he said that Mom’s breathing was harsh and that she was starting to go. We drove as fast as we could and there was another phone call: Dad said she was gone.

While I wished that I could have been there with her as she passed, I knew that Mom was on her way to where she wanted to go. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t there; it was enough that Dad was there. Looking back, she passed on with Dad right there with her; the love of her life, and that it was the way she would have wanted it. Even now, four years later, I still think that things happened as they were supposed to happen. For me, it was a sign that the universe was answering her wishes.

When something unexpected happens, usually something we don’t like; our first reaction is “why ME?” And the universe answers “why not you?” Things do happen for a reason. We may not see that reason right away, but I do believe that the universe is always steering us in the right direction for our best and highest good, whether or not we believe it.

Besides, even if you don’t believe it, the universe would probably say, “it couldn’t hurt.”

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