Love is Love is Love

Love is love in whatever form it manifests. You can have love for your family, your friends, your pets; you can even love some foods more than other foods. When we fall in love, it’s a glorious thing.

A man can be in love with another man; a woman can be in love with another woman, a man can be in love with a woman, and a woman can be in love with a man. Also there can be polyamorous relationships as well. Love is love.

I grew up knowing about my “uncles,” Bob and Ray, who lived in my town for quite a while. When they retired and moved to Florida, Mom used to go visit them. I once went with her, and we had a wonderful time.

Here’s the thing: we love who we love. We can’t help it; love is love. Years ago I sat with the Crankee Yankee at an outdoor wedding of two of our favorite guys. They adored each other and are living a beautiful life together.

When I lived in Texas, I joined a light opera company. We put on wonderful Gilbert and Sullivan operarettas, and it was so much fun. I got to meet some great people there, especially a family of two men and two women who lived in a beautiful house together. They all had decided to adopt a child. They went to China and found a darling little girl who had been left on a train. They adopted her and brought her home to Texas. They all adored the little girl and gave her a life she never would have had without them.

We can’t help it; we love who we love and there’s no way around it. Love is love, and thank Heaven that it is. If we can just go beyond the “rights and wrongs” we may have grown up with, our minds and hearts will expand and allow in more love and understanding. Love is love is love.



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