The Pond Walk in Fall

Recently I took a much-needed walk around the pond. While it is always beautiful and uplifting, there’s something special about the pond in the fall. The sky is richly blue with beautiful white clouds that look like trailing angel robes. The air is crisp with a warning snap of cold, and the pond is full of ripples. There are no ducks, geese, turtles or any pond life to be seen. Now and then there will be a lone blue heron, but most of the wild life has moved to warmer places. The turtles and frogs are already tucked down in the mud, sleeping until Spring comes to wake them.

Still, it’s a lovely walk. The reeds have turned from green to silver and brown, all the milkweed fluff has dispersed into the wind, and the pink rambler roses and orange jewel weed have dropped their flowers and are ready for the cold siege. Seagulls wheel overhead, cawing as they go. If you are very lucky, sometimes a bald eagle will soar overhead; that’s quite a sight.

It was my grandmother who taught me about the birds and animals and their habits. She especially loved birds (except for blue jays and grackles; she saw them as the thieves and plunderers they were), and made sure that they had plenty to eat in the cold weather. I always think of her when the Crankee Yankee and I fill up our bird feeder and, in winter, suet trays.

After a walk around the pond, any problems, worries or upsets I had when I started my walk; all are gone, and I am left with a feeling of peace. Nature has a lovely way of calming and soothing us. We can learn a lot from the seasons, the birds, the animals and the pond itself. Nature gives us the gift of serenity, change and appreciation. I never walk back home in a bad mood; Nature has already soothed me.


One thought on “The Pond Walk in Fall

  1. Alison Jolda says:

    Next time I come we’re taking a walk to the pond!

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