When Vegans Get Pushy

I am not a vegan myself, but I do admire vegans’ dedication to their beliefs. If it’s better for them health-wise, more power to them. I know a few people who are vegans, and, except for one person I worked with years ago, they are nice people. That one person I worked with was, quite frankly; a pain in the patooty. She was one of those people hell-bent on reforming other people to stop their evil meat-eating ways and become vegan.

I don’t know about you, but the second I hear someone trying to push me toward something I have zero interest in, the party’s over. As I always say, to each his/her own. I do not appreciate diatribes from anyone who thinks that they can live my life better for me than I can live my life. But that’s just me.

This gal I worked with was an absolute annoying twit. Every converstation always revolved around veganism, and that was just about as exciting to me as sports is, and I really don’t care for sports. This gal was determined to shove me into becoming a vegan, saying I would feel so much better, I wouldn’t be endangering animals (the meaty ones), and the real kicker, this: “you would certainly lose weight, too.”

Um, excuse me? What sensible, minding-their-own-business person wants to hear that? And, was it her way of telling me that I was FAT?! While that presumption hurt my feelings, I had to dismiss it because after all, that gal was not only pushy but downright rude, and I always walk away from rude people.

She was also the kind of person who talked non-stop about herself. One day when I was in a pretty good mood, I walked by her desk, and noticed that she was wearing a very pretty amethyst ring. I complimented her on it, and she said smugly “size FOUR!” Well, whoopdie freakin’ do, I thought to myself; aren’t you a precious teenie tiny little thing. I just smiled and walked away.

Look, if you’re a vegan, good on you. Who am I to judge anyone’s life-style? I just don’t care for it to be shoved down my meat-loving throat. Then there are those who embrace veganism for themselves AND THEIR PETS! Dogs and cats need the protein from meat; they are carnivores. *Ask any vet and he/she will tell you that giving your dogs and cats only vegetables can seriously hurt their health and well-being.

This post is not a punch to the tiny bellies of vegans; not at all. Again, I admire anyone who follows a lifestyle that suits them. What I don’t admire is some zealot trying to convert me to anything I’m not interested in. By all means, be who you are and embrace it.

But just remember, “no means NO.”

*From Web MD: “Lew Olson, PhD, author of Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, makes this analogy: “Trying to feed a cat a vegan diet would be like me feeding my horses meat. You’re taking a whole species of animal and trying to force it to eat something that it isn’t designed to handle.”

Potential Problems

The risks of feeding dogs or cats vegetarian or vegan diet include:

  • Inadequate total protein intake (less than the 25 grams per 1,000 calories recommended)
  • Imbalance of the certain amino acids, such as taurine and L-carnitine (dogs and cats) or essential fatty acids arachidonic acid (cats only), in particular
  • Deficiency in vitamins and minerals (such as B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and iron) that are obtained ideally, or only, through meat or other animal products

If allowed to continue long enough, these dietary problems can lead to serious and sometimes irreversible medical conditions. The one veterinarians mention most often is taurine-related dilated cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart with weak contractions and poor pumping ability). Low taurine can also lead to reproductive failures, growth failures, and eye problems.




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