Kindness Counts

I am a fan of Ellen DeGeneres for many reasons, especially her reminder to us all: “be kind to each other.” And why not be kind? It’s a way of showing compassion to others and forgiving others. We can be so quick to judge and quicker still to be hurtful. Obviously we all may not see eye-to-eye, but that’s no reason to not be kind.

For example, I never talk politics with anyone other than the Crankee Yankee. There is so much bad-mouthing going on these days; why should I add more to it? A long time ago I decided to keep my politics to myself. When I vote, I don’t tell anyone who I voted for; it is personal and, quite frankly, it’s no one’s business but mine. Too many times I have seen family and friends break up because of politics, and it’s a real shame.

I understand and respect that others feel differently than I do; we all have our own opinions, and it’s perfectly okay to have them. I have relatives and dear friends who love to talk and argue politics with each other. That’s their business, and I stay out of it, not because I am any better than anyone else, but the arguing makes me sick.

Even if we do not agree with family or friends over something, that’s not a reason to give up on family and friends. Everyone is allowed their own opinions. Speaking just for me, I would rather be kind than try to be “right.” We may never know someone else’s heart or mind, but it is relatively easy to just be kind. I am a flawed human being, but I hope that I can always remember to be kind; kindness does count.


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