When Cats Take Over the Computer

The Crankee Yankee and I have six cats; yup–count ’em; SIX; one female and five males. They are indoor-only cats, and we have a feeding schedule that the Crankee Yankee set up. If you think that cats can’t tell time, they can. Oh, it’s not like they all wear little tiny wrist watches; they just know when it’s time to eat.

I do all of my writing on our computer, and while I do this, at least one cat will plop themselves down on the keyboard, which doesn’t do the computer much good. I can’t write around the cats, either. Sometimes I will be so focused on what I’m writing that I don’t realize that at least one or two cats are around; eventually one of them will always decide that the keyboard is a great place to sleep.

I think it’s a combination of territorial imperative and just plain cats doing what they do to be close to their people. When cats want attention, they want it NOW; just like the Queen song: “I want it all and I want it now!” While I admire their persistance, it is the very hell to try to type around a cat on the keyboard.

Ah well, cats have their own ways of showing affection, and they are incredibly cute about it. This is truly their secret weapon: cuteness and stealth. If you think that cats aren’t wise to this; they are. In fact, while I am typing this, Bailey, our only beige cat, is purring and rubbing while he walks all over my desk and partly on the keyboard. If cats could talk they would constantly remind us that they are in fact the top of the food chain for smarts.

If you too own cats, you will understand that you don’t really own them; they own us.






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