Kindly Keep Your Comments to Yourself

I have noticed that, when I go food shopping, I always seem to end up at an isle run by teenagers. As they scan my items and send them along to the bagger (after they sing-song thanks that I brought my bags with me to save harming the earth), they chatter to each other about the things I bought.

They don’t seem to know what an avocado is, or sweet onions vs. regular onions, or Shredded Wheat cereal, or almond milk or vegetable dip, etc. Sometimes they question what I bought and ask what exactly is it good for.

Ok—I don’t mind educating the young on what these things are and why they are good. But wouldn’t you think that, when they start working at the grocery store, they would be taught all of this? Not to mention to keep their opinions to themselves.

Then there are the know-it-alls who feel they must tell us all how awful and icky something is, such as a zucchini, a red onion, rye bread, ricotta and so on. Of course they are welcome to their opinions, but I would appreciate not getting a lecture or food observation regarding the items I buy and enjoy. Then there is the bagger. Evidently no one is teaching them how to stuff a bag properly. Hint: do not put the bread on the bottom of the bag, then top it off with large bottles of tonic water.

Ok, I may be too picky about these things, but seriously—if you work in a grocery store, you should at least know what vegetables and fruits are, even if you don’t like them or eat them. Most of us would just like our things rung up and bagged sans unasked-for opinions and observations. I come to buy food, not to endure a food lecture.

Seriously, I get that, in general, most of the good folks behind the counter are efficient and do their jobs well. But we really just want to get our stuff home without anyone behind the counter saying things such as “ewww—gross!” “what is that?!”  “why would you seriously eat that?” That is just flat none of anyone’s business.

Please note here that I am fully aware that I have become a serious crabby and cranky person. 



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