When It’s Time to Let Go of Stuff

Those of you who read my blog (and thank you very much!) may have laughed through the cleansing of my bureau drawers (one drawer at a time). Now that it’s all done, I wonder why I waited so long. Since I got on a roll, I am now working on cleaning up my closet. All my summer stuff (well, almost all) is nearly all upstairs, hanging with the Crankee Yankee’s light-weight stuff as well.

This is just another one of those “ah ha” moments when you realize that the chore you’ve been dreading can actually be done without ruining your life. It’s just one more thing that makes you feel better once it’s done. Not only that, but I often find clothes I haven’t worn in years. So that means I can bring them to our handy thrift shop and let someone else enjoy them.

Then there is the jewelry I haven’t worn in years. Once I’ve sorted out what I’d like to give to friends or the grandgirls (or to keep for myself), I take whatever gold and sterling that’s left over. I bring them to our local jeweler, and he weighs the pieces, checks the current cost of gold and silver, and then writes me a check. Easy-peasy.

There are things that are precious to us that we like to keep and enjoy. As for the rest, why not let someone else enjoy them?


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