One Drawer At a Time

Over the years, I had grown careless about all the stuff in my dresser drawers. I started out well enough; top drawer for hankerchiefs, sunglasses, a small box of pens and pencils, several nice cloth zip bags (that fit in most of my purses), some chargers and other small doo-dads, my grandmother’s silver mirror, and a small box of the last Mary Kay eyebrow pencils Mom had as I always used them too.

The second drawer down is for bras, undies and socks. I hate to tell you how many of them all were just crammed in every which-way. I always mean well about keeping the drawers tidy; it’s just that I don’t always follow up on it.

The third drawer down is for nighties and pajamas; guess what—also all crammed in; summer stuff along with winter stuff.

The fourth drawer down is for jeans, and my wonderful bamboo (great in the summer heat!) slacks and three quarter length leggings, and bathing suits.

The fifth drawer down is for the “what evers;” bandanas, “garden clothes,” and so on; you get the picture. Honestly, I can still hear my mother saying “keep things clean and tidy, and you won’t have a big mess to deal with.” Ha—if only! I always think to myself that I’ll just do it “later,” but sooner or later, I always end up with a big mess in every drawer.

While I have been cleaning and tidying up the dresser drawers, I can’t help but think that this is an analogy for life. If we keep things in life tidy, and be aware of what needs to be done (and not put it aside for “later”), we’ll know where things are and what we need to do on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

It really isn’t that hard if you think about it, and just make a bit of time to do it. I swear I can hear my mother’s voice saying “just DO IT already!” And you know what? She’s STILL right!

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