Patience and Time

You may remember a few months ago that the Crankee Yankee and I adopted Scooter, a young black cat we had been feeding and sheltering for the past two years. Long story short, we found out who his owner was and he was fine with us adopting the cat. So we brought him into the house in mid-July.

All well and good; he’s a nice little guy and is very loving. He is happy to be a house cat again, but the other five cats are still sizing him up. For the first few months, every one of our other five cats would hiss at him as soon as they saw him. Scooter, being Scooter; young and wanting to make friends, found out quickly that you have to earn your “wings,” so to speak.

Our other five cats are all older than he is, so that’s a factor too. He does want to be friends, but he still hasn’t figured out that you have to go slowly. He reminds me of our youngest granddaughter, Juliette. Nothing bothers that kid; she marches to her own drummer, and so does he.

Seeing Scooter slowly but surely become part of the family is another life lesson. Blending in takes time and patience. Too often we barge our way through life, expecting that everyone around us will just understand what we are going through.

But things are slowly changing. These days there are only one or two cats that still hiss or growl at him. Slowly, he is fitting in. Watching them all get used to each other is a lesson in patience and timing. Just the other day I found him sleeping peacefully beside Tinker, our biggest cat.

It’s a life lesson in patience and time; you can’t hurry it. You just have to go with it. Sooner or later, it all evens out.


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