Cleaning Out the Closets

I finally realized that my lack of closet space was because I STILL had lots of “working clothes” in there; and I retired six years ago. I have never worn any of them since. You know how you hear those closet-cleaner folks say: “if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it!” And there I was with clothes way past that!

So I filled two trash bags; one for tops and one for slacks, and took them up to our local thrift shop. Why in the world I hung to them so long is just laziness on my part. I like to think that someone will enjoy the clothes as much as I did. Now, on to the next clean-out project: my dresser drawers. Trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.

I’m fairly sure that a lot of the stuff in there can be donated. I confess that I am incredibly lazy about things like this; I can’t even remember the last year that I cleaned out my dresser drawers. You know how it goes: once you commit to cleaning out anything, you are pretty much compelled to finish the job. My motto for years has been “I’ll get to it later.” And “later” can take years.

On the next rainy day I’ll get to it; seriously, I mean it. I will probably find stuff I forgot all about, such as my little hand recorder I bought years ago. When I was working and had a 72 mile trip each way, I would record stories and poems (some of which ended up in my children’s book, “Lulu’s Book of Childrens’ Stories.”). It was a fun way to pass the time. But that’s only one thing I’m sure I’ll find; there will be more.

So, wish me luck. This is what happens when you are lazy (as I am); all that stuff can creep up on you like nobody’s business. It’s a lot like not cleaning the cat’s litter box each day; let it go and you will have a HUGE mess. Good luck to all of us packrats and “I’ll get to it later” folks. Heaven help us all.

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