Just Roll Your Eyes One More Time…

I was born in the ’50s and I did not grow up with the technology we have today. Our telephones were clunky and heavy, and you had to dial the number you wanted: that means that you put your finger in each numbered hole to dial the phone number you wanted. The first voice you heard was the operator who would get you the person you wanted to talk with. Also, you had to get permission from your parents to use the phone as well. Here’s a bit more on the subject:


From Techwalla: “The 1950s were prosperous years for the United States and saw many technological and economic advances. One of these forward strides was the widespread adoption of the telephone in American homes and businesses. By the 1950s, roughly two-thirds of American households had at least one telephone, with the percentage growing every year. The core technology was already highly advanced, similar to landline technology in the 21st century, but none of the ancillary technologies like voicemail and text messaging existed yet. It was also a different time in that one company, AT&T, controlled nearly the entire industry.”

So with that as my history with telephones, the technology today is often confusing. Oh, I know how to take pictures, how to text, how to call and so on. It’s just that the different usages of the phones of today (well, also the computers, tablets, Kindles, etc.) are often confusing to people of my age.

There have been times when I got so confused that I would have to go to an expert for help. This is what always happens: I walk in, say hello to the guy or gal behind the counter, and ask them for help. I can immediately see the eye rolls coming and I can just about read their minds: “oh, NO—not another old person who doesn’t know how to do anything! What a waste of my precious time!”

I would be thrilled if there was a seniors course that took you through everything you need to know regarding phones, tablets, computers, etc. I would especially love it if there was a real “someone” who wouldn’t roll their eyes if you asked a stupid question. Also, wouldn’t it be great if there was a hot line you could call when you get one of those scary messages that your computer is supposedly rampant with some horrible virus?

Seriously, I would be grateful if the young people you have to deal with regarding any type of technology would just kindly answer the questions and leave the eye rolls at home. In fact, here’s another idea: how about all the young techies take a mandatory course in 1950’s telephones so they too can enjoy being snickered at and eye rolled? Couldn’t hurt; might help.

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