The Lucille Ball Syndrome

The Crankee Yankee is borderline diabetic, so we are being careful about what to eat and what not to eat. He is doing all the right things, and we are trying out new recipes featuring the foods that are good for him (and me; I am NOT making two meals!). So I tried a soup/stew recipe from the Diabetes Self-Managment magazine that featured acorn squash and turkey meat balls. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Well, it wasn’t. It was completely tasteless, except for the turkey meatballs which weren’t too bad. I swear I could have eaten a plate of fresh dirt and it would have been tastier. Bad enough that it had no taste, but it took a lot of time to make. I immediately went into the Lucille Ball Syndrome: when something went south and she would open her mouth and cry “WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” Quite frankly, I think that those of us who try to do something and it goes south should just take a leaf from Lucille’s book and just go “WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!”

Even the Crankee Yankee, who, bless his forgiving heart, will eat anything that I make, wasn’t a fan of the bland stew. He says he is going to try making it himself using some other ingredients. Good luck with that; it’s a crap recipe as is. There are just somethings that don’t work, and this was one of them.



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