It Never Pays to Look Back on the Stupid Stuff

I wrote this quite a while ago, but ithe message still stands now.


It really doesn’t help any of us from torturing ourselves with endless recalls of the truly dumb things we did and said years ago. We are probably the only ones who remember anyway; I’ll bet that the people who heard us say this, that, or the other thing don’t remember it at all.

So why do we constantly recall those embarrassing moments from so many years ago? It took me years to figure that out, and now my mantra when I remember the spectacular boo-boos I made years ago is this: “I was a different person then, that is not me any longer.” It’s surprising how saying this (and do it out loud, too!) can free you up from past embarrassments and other things you would rather not remember.

We are certainly not the same people we were years ago. Even the coolest dudes and the most gorgeous gals have their own past that, as my mother would say, “would make you go red in the night” remembering them. The past is past, and we need to let it go because it isn’t who we are today.

When a long-past boo-boo or action seeps into our minds from years past, it helps to say out loud the above mantra: “I was a different person then, that is not me any longer.” Or, if you prefer something more physical than that, you can always do the “past is the past flush.” This is actually a fun thing to do, and can often shoo those embarrassing demons of the past right out of your head for good.

The “past is the past flush” is this: on a couple of sheets of toilet paper, write down the thing or things that keep haunting you from the past in ink. Once that’s done, flash it right down the toilet and it’s gone. Do feel free to pee or poop on it as well. This is just the kind of thing that will help you stop being embarrassed about something you said or did years ago. Not only is it satisfying, but whenever you find yourself thinking of whatever bothered you before, just keep that image of those words you wrote on toilet paper. It’s GONE.

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