A Grumbly Day

Ever wake up in the morning feeling grumbly for no good reason? The sky hasn’t fallen, robbers haven’t made off with the silverware, no one has been horrible to us, and that last delicious piece of chocolate cake is still in the ‘fridge, waiting for you. Nothing specifically is wrong; it simply is a Grumbly Day.

So, what to do? Do we sit around and sulk the day away? (Don’t be shy about it; I’ve done it plenty of times myself.) Are we snarky with our loved ones? Do we snarl when spoken to? Do we just shut down and stay away from everyone until the Grumbly Day is over? Or do we just give in to the grumbly day and get it out of our systems?

Having a grumbly day is not fun. While it may be temporarily satisfying to be snarky to someone, eventually it all turns to guilt, and that really is no fun. For me personally, it takes a specific act of will to just get over myself and apologize for my grumbly behavior. Funnily enough, just apologizing actually helps.

As an old friend (sadly gone too young) used to say, “there be days, and there be days.” It’s just one of those ‘it is what it is’ days. I find that the sooner I forgive myself (and of course ask forgiveness of those I’ve been snarky to), the sooner I feel better.

Grumbly days are just a part of life. They show up when they please, and they make our lives and the lives of those around us miserable. Trying to put a good face on a grumbly day fools no one; in my case, the Crankee Yankee. He knows from experience (the poor guy) to just let me ride out the grumbly storm. When it’s over, I apologize, and he says ‘that’s ok.’ What a guy.

So, whenever you feel the grumblies coming on, you can give in to them (from my experience, it’s better to let your loved ones know that you are cross as two sticks) and ride out the storm, or you can just tell yourself to get over yourself and soldier on. Around our house, we always say, “*let it go, Elsa!” Funnily enough, that works.

*From the Disney movie, “Frozen.”

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