The Breakfast Club

Over the years that the Crankee Yankee and I have had gardens, we noticed that a lot of our produce had “bird beak” holes in them. Also, we saw that the squirrels were interested in our peppers and the occasional tomato. Now, we don’t mind sharing, but the Crankee Yankee came up with a great distraction for them all—a bird feeder chock full of seeds.

We hung it in the only garden plot with nothing growing there. Right away the birds and squirrels helped themselves, and stayed out of the produce. So far, it’s working well. The birds, mostly sparrows and chickadees, all gather on the wire fence around the peas. There they gossip and preen themselves, all the while keeping an eye on the birdfeeder.

Once they deside to go have their breakfast, they all flock to the wire fence around the tomatoes and chatter together. From there, they go to the cucumber fence and kibbutz some more. Then they all fly up to the feeder and help themselves. Some enjoy eating up the seeds that have fallen to the ground, and others boldly peck at the seeds that fall on the little wooden platform just under the feeder.

Then the mourning doves show up; followed closely by a few cheeky bluejays. Now and then, we’ll get a surprise visit from a humming bird, or once or twice; a blue bird. Early on after we put up the bird feeder, a flock of black crows showed up and scared off the little birds. I let them eat for a bit, then went out to shoo them off (those greedy buggers can go pillage from someone else’s feeder!).

The squirrels are hilarious. We once had a little mother squirrel who must have been starving after feeding her greedy children. She settled herself right on the feeder, and stuffed her cheeks as much as she could. We decided that her children had drained her dry, and she needed to eat for herself. Ah well—come one, come all!

In the early morning, I toss out a handful of baby carrots for the shy bunnies from the meadow across the street. Any little noise scares them, so we are careful to keep quiet. As we like to say, everyone eats at our house!







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