A Force to be Reckoned With

We adore our two granddaughters; Ava, who is 8, and Juliette, who is 3. We have loved them since they were babies, and it’s been lots of fun to watch them grow up. Each one has their own personality; Ava is kind and compassionate, interested in the oceans and animals. Juliette is truly a force of nature; she is bright and funny, but she is already showing signs of becoming a true leader. However, sometimes she goes over the limit.

Example: just the other day, her mother had asked Juliette to pick up her toys and put them back in her room. Of course, Juliette wasn’t having this. She kept finding things to do so that she wouldn’t have to haul her toys upstairs to her bedroom.

Her mother, on the edge of frustration, said: “I have an idea. How about you pick up all your stuff, take them up to your room and put them away?”

Juliette crossed her arms, leaned back against the refrigerator and said, “I have an idea, too. How about NO?”

At this point her mother cracked up. The Crankee Yankee and I nearly died laughing when we heard about it. Yes, Juliette was fresh, but hilarious. Honestly, I would have been on the  floor, howling with laughter myself.

I do believe that our granddaughters will make a positive impact on the world. I believe that their generation will do wonderful things, and that children like Ava and Juliette will be positive forces in whatever they choose to do. While I can see Ava working hard to clean up our oceans and make life better for everyone, I see Juliette as a hard-nosed business woman who will do things her way—or else.

In any case, those kids are going to be part of positive change for our planet. And by the way, the Crankee Yankee and I are still laughing about the “how about no?”

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