Kindness Works

Considering all the uproar and arguments and inflamatory politics and acts of cruelty and just plain meanness, kindness works. It may not take root quickly, but over time, it does, and it blossoms. The tiniest act of kindnesses are like gems; they can take your breath away.

Too many times we hear and see what unkindness is; it is hurtful, debilitating, and it spreads its sickness to too many vulnerable hearts. There are so many people who are hurting inside who choose to take it out on everyone.

Kindness can be such a little thing, too. If you read the excellent Kindness Blog, you will be lifted up by how many people practice kindness, and how a simple little act of kindness can change hearts and minds.

Often children are the ones who show kindness best. Our oldest granddaughter, Ava, was in a store with us and her mother. She loves shoes, so she took off to the shoe aisle. There was a young mother and her little girl there, and Ava walked up to the little girl and said, “you’re BEAUTIFUL!” The little girl gave her a shy smile, and her mother just beamed. And the best thing? Ava meant it and the little girl got it.

There are many uplifting stories that make us know that kindness is not dead; in fact, it’s blooming. Children are running lemonade stands, urging other kids to give away the toys that they no longer play with so that some other kids can enjoy them, and more. There is a positive groundswell of so many other acts of kindness. And the best thing? The children are so focused on helping people that they don’t even consider spending the money they made for themselves. They are too busy creating kindness.

Perhaps we adults can take this lesson from children. I devoutly hope so.

One thought on “Kindness Works

  1. Diane Kirkup says:

    and I thank you Jane for your acts of kindness to me … they uplifted and sustained me in times of great challenge.

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