The Fussy Apple Lady

You know how it is: the weather gets cooler, and we start to prepare for Fall. The humidity drops, and the days are sunny and comfortable. We start thinking of the coming cool weather and how much we enjoy it. And we also start hankering for Fallish foods; such as sweet and crunchy apples.

Mind you, the apples have been right there in the produce section all summer long, but they really feel like a Fall fruit. So, there I was, right there in the fruit section; my mouth already watering for a delicious Pink Lady apple.

However, also right in front of me in the fruit section was a young woman who also wanted Pink Lady apples. That’s fine; they are popular and lots of people love them as much as I do.

Here’s where the fussy part begins: I swear that she picked up no less than a dozen of the Pink Lady apples; one by one for examination. For each one she picked up, she looked it right in the eye (or the stem which serves as the apple’s “eye”). She rolled it in her hand, sniffed it, looked it all over, then put it back to examine another one. After feeling up at least six of the Pink Ladies, she finally decided on the one that had to be the Queen Of All Pink Lady Apples.

I stood there and watched her for at least three solid minutes. She had to have seen me, but obviously her hunt for the perfect apple was deeply important for her. Should I have said something or not? I chose ‘not’ just in case she was some kind of apple psychopath.(Hey, you never know!)

But finally she found the one Pink Lady apple that shall henceforth be known as the ultimate Pink Lady. I surely hope it was worth all that poking, sniffing and prodding.

PS: I made sure that the apples I took had had no contact with the Fussy Apple Lady.


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