A Single Moment in Time

Yesterday morning the Crankee Yankee and I decided to go to our favorite breakfast place. The food is always good, and the service is friendly. We were driving in the truck and were ready to turn left on the main street when a huge McClane truck barreled toward us and did not stop. The driver turned right into the street where we were, missing us by inches. It was a close call, and he didn’t even slow down.

We were pretty shaken up about it (well, I was, anyway), and we followed him after he parked by Walgreens so that we could have a little chat with him. Now the Crankee Yankee had been a trucker for over 15 years, and in a situation such as ours, the truck driver either slows way down, or lets the other vehicle go first.

When the Crankee Yankee talked with the  driver; a large youngish guy with an attitude, he was a bit on the belligerent side. He told the Crankee Yankee that he was running late (as it turned out, he is often late) and had to get to his destination on time. They had a brief discussion about this and I told the guy that he scared me half to death. His answer? “I’m sorry you were scared.” Absolutely no apology for nearing killing us just because he was late. As if this was all our fault.

I didn’t stop shaking for a half hour. I had taken down his license number and truck ID number, and left a message at his office. Fortunately the Crankee Yankee got the call back and explained the situation. The person on the other end assured him that this would be dealt with and soon.

This was one of those surreal situations when you are sure you are going to die. All I could think of in those short moments was about those I love. Would I get to see my granddaughters graduate, find careers, have their own families? Would someone tell our friends that we died? And what would happen to our cats? All this in a single moment in time.

Life can be snuffed out in seconds. We were lucky, and I hope with all my heart that the young trucker learned something and will be more careful. Even today, the thought of what could have happened makes my blood run cold. I guess you could say that the angels were watching out for us!

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