Being “Polite” to Telephone Scammers

I really don’t like telephone scammers; you know the ones: they have “heard from” your computer that there is a problem that will cause all kinds of trouble for your computer, and how only they can fix it for you—for a price. However, should you give them access to your bank information to pay for the service, it’s very likely that they will clean out every last penny.

Each and every time I’ve gotten one of these calls, the speaker is generally a well-spoken Indian man, who obviously works in a huge room with other scammers (you can always hear them in the background). The speaker always says that my computer has somehow let him know that there is “trouble” going on with it. And of course, that nice Indian man is the one who can fix it—for a fee, of course.

Instead of being rude or saying something nasty to them, I have changed my tactics. I first tell them how nice they are to listen to my computer as it gets lonely sometimes. Then, just before they start talking about computer safety and how they can fix ” the problem” for me, I say that my computer is just so pleased have had a lovely conversation. Then I wish them a very nice day, and then hang up; buh-bye.

While I personally think that these scammers are the kind of people who, as my mother used to say, should be turned into speed bumps, I hope that I annoy them as much as they annoy me. Fair is fair.


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