Lefties vs. Righties

Way back in the dark ages, teachers were told to teach any left-handed children to use their right hand instead. In my first grade class, my teacher tried this on me and to spite her, I wrote sloppily with my right hand. I was proud of being a “leftie;” it made me feel unique. After a few days, my poor teacher gave up on trying to make me right-handed. I’ve been a proud leftie every since.

The whole deal about making everyone write with right hand only was odd; to me, anyway. So I did a little research and here are some of the findings:

From Readers’ Digest:

Many natural-born lefties were forced into becoming righties throughout the course of history—and in some countries, they still are.

Here is a short list of what people used to think of lefties:

A precursor to mental illness

The devil’s plaything

A sinister meaning

Biased engineering

A sign of disrespect

Not marriage material

So, pretty weird, huh? None the less, I am still proud of being a leftie.



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