Things We Should Do Each Day

We never know when our time is up in this world. Each day is a gift and we need to cherish each day. This doesn’t mean that we need to live in a constant state of worry; it just means that we need to be in the moment and enjoy the day and each breath.

When I’ve gotten peeved about something the Crankee Yankee did or did not do, how awful would it be if something happened to him before I told him I loved him? What if we had a falling out with a dear friend and were too stubborn to make it right; what if something happened and we never had the chance to make amends?

The following is a list of things I personally need to remember each day:

  • Tell your loved ones that they are loved unconditionally
  • Make sure that you hug and kiss all those you love; each and every day
  • Give your family and friends the gift of your love; don’t hold back
  • Smile at everyone (and who cares if they think you’re nuts)
  • Give everyone the benefit of the doubt
  • Don’t judge; we can’t possibly know another person’s heart
  • Look for the good each day
  • Seek to make things better, not worse
  • Believe in good and don’t let the bad stuff ruin your outlook

Most of all, speak your love every day. While you’re at it, love yourself as well.


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