Morning People vs. Non-Morning People

We all know people who are “morning persons” and those who are “non-morning persons.” Morning people get up with a smile, look out the window and are happy about what they see—rain or shine. They are cheery to the bone, and nothing seems to get them down.

Then there are the non-morning people. They wake up grumpy and annoyed that they have to get up; they would a whole lot rather just stay in bed all day. Family members learn quickly to just let them sleep. For example, when I was living at home and going to school, Mom tried to be a good mother and make breakfast every morning. However, she hated to get up early, and I hated breakfast. So we made a deal: I was never hungry in the morning, so I drank a coffee-flavored protein drink for each day for breakfast. Mom could stay in bed, and I didn’t have to face breakfast. Done and done.

Often when people marry, they don’t always know in advance that their partner may be a non-morning person. It has to be quite a surprise when they find that out! Non-morning people don’t appreciate the cheeriness of those who do like mornings. In fact, I know people who stopped sleeping together just to avoid that morning conflict.

Now there no win or losing if you are not a morning person. Just as long as the other person knows this about you, it’s all good.

One thought on “Morning People vs. Non-Morning People

  1. Alison Jolda says:

    Jimmy wakes up singing and smiling. I barely wake up. šŸ˜‚

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