Titanic II?!

Well, just when you think that we learned how not to call any ship “unsinkable,” there is a guy out there who is constructing a Titanic II. From Emily Petsko:

“The Titanic II is the brainchild of Australian businessman Clive Palmer, who established a shipping company called Blue Star Line in 2012 in order to make the project a reality. The ship is under construction now and is expected to cost $500 million. It was originally slated to set sail in 2016, but financial issues delayed the departure first until 2018, and again until 2022.”

“After completing its journey to New York, the Titanic II will “circumnavigate the globe, inspiring and enchanting people while attracting unrivaled attention, intrigue, and mystery in every port she visits,” Palmer tells MSN.

“Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but keep an eye on the Blue Star Line website for updates.”

And here’s more:

“Titanic II Is Preparing to Set Sail in 2022, and You Can Be On Board”
Roderick Eime, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY 2.0
“Titanic is getting a sequel. No, James Cameron isn’t making another movie. A nearly identical replica of the doomed ship is scheduled to make its maiden voyage in 2022, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, giving superfans the chance to experience the journey for themselves.”

“Dubbed the Titanic II, the new ship will start out in China, where it’s under construction now, traveling to Dubai before picking passengers up in Southampton, England and following the original vessel’s 1912 route across the Atlantic to New York City. Of course, the original R.M.S. Titanic never reached its destination. It struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic, and more than half of the ship’s 2200 passengers perished when it sank.”

“Although the modern ship’s design is modeled after the original, there are a few notable differences. It will hold slightly more passengers—2400 in total, plus a 900-person crew—and will be 13 feet wider to meet modern regulations (and increase stability). Plus, passengers can rest easy knowing that the newer version is equipped with modern safety and navigation features, as well as detailed evacuation plans.”

Is anyone else as creeped out about this as I am? I don’t know about you, but after seeing the movie, for several nights I went down in the Titanic in my dreams; over and over again. As our friends in England would say, it gives me the collywobbles.

Just the idea of having another Titanic sounds like tempting fate to me. You know what they say; if it happened once, it could happen again. Needless to say, I won’t be buying a ticket.

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