Bees Have No Sense of Humor

As we have been having a longish spell of hot and humid weather, we humans are sweating it out. But the garden loves the heat and is bursting with produce; endive, cucumbers, baby summer squash, tomatoes, peas and peppers.

While it’s fun to pick the fruits of our labor, we have learned to respect the bees who take their pollenating very seriously. While we are grateful for their help, at least one of us gets stung now and then. If I’m busy out there and a disgruntled bee stings me (and always on my left ear, for some reason), I’ve learned to just pick up some garden dirt, spit on it and put the mud on the sting. (You can also go inside and make a paste with baking soda and water, and apply that to the sting.)

I’m willing to bet that, if bees could talk they would have a snappish tone of voice and say loudly that their work is essential for the health and welfare of our planet. They do give us warning; that loud buzz means that they are working and need their space. They are trying to do important work and don’t want to be messed with by humans.

There is a wonderful web site called Beesponsible that gives you good information about bees and what they do for the environment. From the web site: ” Beesponsible means making a promise to bees and to the environment. A commitment that embraces the deep connection we share with bees and takes personal responsibility to help them. In the world today, this collective effort to Beesponsible may be one of a handful of ways we can make real change for bees. We’d like our kids to know bees, and our kids’ kids. That’s why we’re spreading the word on how to Beesponsible, so we all can help keep bees a healthy and thriving part of our lives.”

After reading this, I can better understand what our wonderful bees do for all of us and for the planet in general. I find that it’s worth a bee sting or two to remind me why they are here and all that they do for us. Sometimes it’s the smallest creature that makes the most difference.

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