Easy-Peezy, Lemon Squeezey

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I had my gall bladder removed. It was a pleasure not to have any pain anymore; but of course I was given some pretty serious meds for pain. But as of right now, I feel great.

I have often written about our loved ones who have moved on. Not only do I feel that they are all with their loved ones (including pets of course) and of course all other people who have gone on. When I heard that one of my favorite authors, Pat Conroy, had died, I could just see my mother hurling herself at him and telling him how much she loved his books (me, too!).

When I came to after my surgery, I felt warmth and comfort in Recovery. Of course, the wonderful staff there always cover you up in a nice warm blanket, but this was more. It almost felt like loving hands were on my own hands and arms; I could almost hear comforting whispers in my ears as well.

You can certainly write all that off because of the drugs I was given, but my heart and mind tell me that it was my mom and dad checking up on me. This isn’t the first time, either. I believe that, when our loved ones move on from human bodies to spirit form, they can indeed pop in for a visit to us. All I can tell you was that I felt surrounded by love, not only from my parents, but from dear friends who sent me prayers.

I woke up completely, feeling the little wisps of love and comfort. I knew that my loved ones were with me, making sure that I was all right. And by the way, I feel great!

One thought on “Easy-Peezy, Lemon Squeezey

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Hope recovery is fast and smooth!!

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