Buh Bye Gall Bladder!

Wish me luck; this morning I’m having my gall bladder removed. It’s long and boring history includes pain in front and in back, several tiny stones, and a whole lot of Tylenol. If the damn thing could talk, it would only bitch and moan, and who needs to hear that?

Sometimes I think that our organs have secret meetings together just to raise a little hell. I get it; it can’t be a whole lot of fun hanging around in my body with nothing much to do but their God-given jobs…so of course one or two of them will cause trouble out of sheer boredom.

Of course, these days having a crabby gall bladder removed is a pretty easy surgery as they do it laproscopically. The whole procedure is less than one hour. They make a few small incisions and virtually suck the offending organ right out. Way back before there was laproscopic surgery, you ended up having a big scar. With all the surgeries my mom went through, she always called it her living road map. And who knows? Perhaps in a few years you may be able to simply take a pill for most surgeries.

And by the way? I’ve always enjoyed meeting my anesthesiologist for any surgeries I’ve had; I’ve never met one who wasn’t funny. So there’s that to look forward to. So, this morning when you are enjoying that first delicious cup of coffee, think of me and start laughing. Because I’ll be laughing all the way to the operating table, where they will be damn glad to shut me up.

Buh bye, old gall bladder!




One thought on “Buh Bye Gall Bladder!

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Hope it was smooth sailing! I had mine removed the day before laparoscopy became available (that could be a slight exaggeration), and haven’t once missed it… Here’s to no more of that kind of pain!

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