Not My Zoo, Not My Monkeys

Whenever I hear people arguing about silly stuff and try to draw me into the fray, I always back off saying, “not my zoo, not my monkeys.” Funny statement, but it seems to work. I learned the hard way not to jump into nutty conversations or fights about this, that, and the other thing. The older I get, the more I hate to waste time on foolishness.

When someone tries to lure me into a conversation regarding politics or religion, I back off. I have my own views on these things, and I am in no way looking for a fight. Everyone has their own opinion, and things can get pretty touchy. So I don’t talk about those issues. I do talk with the Crankee Yankee about them, and that’s as far as it goes.

I was at a Christmas party a few years back, and one table of folks got into a political pushy-pushy and it really stunk up the party. There is enough ranting and raving on the news as it is, so do we really need it all up in our faces 24/7?

I am always gobstruck when, after any election (town, state, etc.) I take part in and turn in my ballet, there are always some people who ask me flat out who I voted for. My answer is always the same: “*Nunya.”

The same can happen if people are talking religion. Look, I say live and let live. Everyone has their way of belief and that’s their business. I learned a long time ago to leave well enough alone on the subject. Personally, I haven’t been in a church for decades, but I do pray each day and each night.

I figure that God knows who I am and knows my heart, so my own prayers are in three stages: first I give thanks for everything in my life. Second, I say I’m sorry for those things I should have said and done but didn’t. Third, I ask for help and kindness for those whom I love and care for, as well as those who are in trouble, sorrow, need, or any kind of sickness. I end it with a plea to help me be a better person.

My feeling is that, the more we try to butt into other folks’ business, it just creates more aggravation or downright fighting. Isn’t there enough aggravation and fighting as it is? Why create more?

Seriously, not my zoo, not my monkeys.

*Nunya = none of your business.

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