In Spite of It All, Remember This

While the news is full of terrible things; mass shootings of innocent people, terrible accidents on our road ways, kidnapping, predators who prey on the young and innocent, human trafficking and more, remember this: this is not the every day for us all. This is not who we are as people.

Despite all we hear on the news about the people who kill people for no apparent reason, this is not the everyday events. If you balance the horrible things against the good things, the good things will still be in the lead.

Example: there was an old man in a small town (sorry; I can’t remember where; I actually read this in the Kindness Blog quite a while ago) who was homeless. He had no family, no friends, and no where to go. He was dirty, his fingernails were long and filthy, his clothes stank, his hair was long and dirty, and his feet were full of sores. A few kind people made sure he had food, but there were days when he had nothing to eat or drink.

The people in town got together and made him their own. They gave him a bath and washed his clothes and made sure he had at least one more outfit and shoes. They trimmed his finger nails and toe nails, they washed his hair and barbered it. I don’t remember if he moved in with anyone, but they made sure that he was safe, clean, well-fed and watered and had people who cared for him. They made him part of their families.

When I was growing up, my mother and some of her friends made sure that a lonely old man had food and presents on Christmas day. I’ve seen a child break a cookie in half and hand it to another child who was hungry. I’ve known people who go without for themselves in order to feed stray cats and dogs.

And there is so much more of kindness, goodness, love and comfort in our world. We can’t allow ourselves to think that the world is filled with hatred, greed and evil 24/7. Of course, sadly, terrible things do happen now and then. But do not let this become our daily normal. A simple act of kindness can make a huge difference in this world.

When we can, give. When we can, listen, When we can, put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes. When we can, smile. When we can, pray. And when we can, be the hope we want all people to have, including ourselves. Good things come in unexpected places. Let us be kind as much as we can.


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