Letters From Mom

If you follow my blog (and many thanks if you do!), you know that the Crankee Yankee and I keep a “Free Table” out during the summer and fall. We are still going through all of *Mom’s and Dad’s stuff that we can’t use or need, so a lot of it ends up on that table. Of course, I go through all the books just to check if there are any notes or letters are tucked away in the pages. Sometimes I find them, and they are sweet voices from the past.

I recently found some of Mom’s notes to relatives and family from the early 50s. In reading them, I never knew that Mom affectionately mentioned baby me in her notes, calling me “Baby Chick.” I also found out that my biological father had a job that paid a whopping $32 a week! Back then, that was a big pay check. I read about Mom baking and selling her delicious baked beans and taking in laundry to help make ends meet.

There was a letter to her favorite brother, Raymond (who is my last living relative now), asking him if he knew where her wedding dress was. As she said in the letter, “not that I’m planning to get married again or anything.” Funny, because she did marry Dad a few years later (post divorce), and she wore that dress!

While I have been ruthless in putting a lot things out to auction, and donating or giving away a lot of the things Mom cherished, there are some things I just can’t give away. These little notes from the past, in Mom’s distinctive script, are treasures to me. They are an insight of the young wife and mother she was at the time. These sweet notes are gifts and I will cherish them forever.

*Mom loved vases, napkin rings (anybody still remember those?), fancy dishes “for special” and so on. Sadly, those things are not in vogue these days.

One thought on “Letters From Mom

  1. Diane Kirkup says:

    Pure treasures to come across her notes and letters! Thanks for sharing Jane.

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