The Book Signing

On this past Saturday, I was doing a book signing at the wonderful book store in Wolfeboro, NH, The Country Book Seller (check it out at where I grew up (in the town, not the book store!). The owner, Karen Baker, was kind enough to set up a nice table for me. As there was an art fair going on in town, there were plenty of tourists and locals, many of whom came by to check out the books.

One smiling grandma brought her two grandchildren over to my table, and asked if I would read part of the book to them. Well, the Alphabet of Awful Children was about the shortest story in the book; actually it is a poem, so I read that to them. It’s full of stuff that most kids laugh about; poop, vomit, boogers, etc.

Well—the kids were horrified! The grandma asked them if they like to have the book for themselves? The kids answered with a resounding “NO!” It was all I could do not to laugh myself senseless. But grandma bought them one anyway.

Another grandma came by and asked me to dedicate one of the books to her two granddaughters, Ivy and Olive. When I complimented her on their pretty names, she frowned and said, “well, at least they’re different. I am so sick of all those plain old dumb names like Jane, Linda, Beth and so on. So boring!”

As I signed the book, “Jane B. Fraser,” I tried hard not to laugh as she did a double-take when she looked at my name. I just gave her a big grin and thanked her for buying the book. She sort of slunk away. I’m still laughing about it.

It was a great day and I am ever grateful to Karen for letting me showcase my book. As always, my goal in writing children’s books is to help get kids interested in reading. Books open exciting doors, and it doesn’t matter if kids are reading from a Kindle or a real book; it’s all about the journey.


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